Monthly Postcards

To stay connected with people I hold dear, I write monthly emails containing - beyond major life updates - things which excite, worry or move me. These emails are also an excuse to take pictures of the places I visit - pictures which I also share below.

(Late) January 2024

My desk and the view on my window

January 2024

St Martin's Cathedral, Balearic sea as seen from Formentor, fields behind my dorm and Bonn City Center

(Late) December 2023

Bascilica de Santa Maria, view from my balcony in Pollenca, a sunset at Palma and a hill hiding Cala Sant Vincec

December 2023

Pictures from a short hike in Stuttgart, Bonn's Christmas market and the Mercedes Museum

(Late) November 2023

Pictures of the LVR-Museum, hundreds of analog computers at the Arithmeum and a ceramic store in Bonn's Christmas market

(Early) November 2023

Main university building (Elector palace) where philosophy department is housed, Drachenfels castle, entrance to a war bunker and some strange fluffy plants which are pretty common in Bonn

(Late) October 2023

The metal door of Pauli lecture hall with engravings of a magnetic dipole, math department's fancy building, a scene from the Eifel hike and our 'relatively' small telescope for student astrophotography

(Early) October 2023

Pictures of Cologne cathedral and a cloud infront of Wolfgang Pauli Center

September 2023

Brief trip to visit my elder brother in Shivpuri

July 2023

Week-long MHD workshop at IISc (Bangalore)

(Late) June 2023

Vardesh hosted me in Mungaoli, for an incredibly comfortable vacation

(Mid) June 2023

Student-Visa day trip to the city of dreams (Bombay)

May 2023

Hues of Kathmandu (Graduation Trip to Nepal with friends)

Jan 2023

Day-long meditation Retreat on New Year with Mihir