Hi! I'm Kartik Tiwari

I enjoy employing computational tools to solve problems of physics, writing on blackboards to develop philosophical arguments and improvising music on guitar. I also try to invest my time regularly in science communication and occasionally in education policy related work.

Here is my Academic CV

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I work on Astronomy, Science Policy and Education.

I'm interested in theoretical and computational physics - more specifically Numerical Relativity, Shape Dynamics, Dynamics of transplanetary orbital maneuvers and Integrated space mission design. I was the Director of Training at Muniversiti, an education startup working with 100+ schools in India as a reputed advisory counsel. I am associated (or have been associated) with a few academic organizations like Wolfram Physics Project (Junior Research Affiliate), Institute of Physics (Elected Member - Computational Physics Group), Space Generation Advisory Council (Student Member), and Naxxatra (Adminstrative Member/Instructor).

Name: Kartik Tiwari

Current Address: Ashoka University, Delhi NCR, India

Supervised Formal Research Experience

Capstone Thesis Research - Ashoka University

As a part of my capstone thesis, I am working with Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya to predict what kind of polarization observations we should be expecting from Neutron stars. This entails computationally modelling the high-energy environments near these astrophysical compact objects and accounting for bending of light trajectories in strong gravity regimes.


Independent Research Project - Hydrodynamics Lab, Ashoka University

I investigated white-hole analogs in circular hydraulic jumps experimentally and theoretically in Prof. Pramoda Kumar's Lab. I did an extensive review of existing literature on analog gravity (with a special focus on hydrodynamic analogs) and designed and assembled the experimental set-up to see signatures of Schwarzschild geometry in hydrodynamical equations governing ripplons. Extensions to computing geodesic deviations currently in progress.

Analog Gravity

Student/ Researcher - Wolfram Physics Project

Developed a novel framwork for investigating formal systems using sub-graph isomorphisms of Multiway systems. Worked with Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Nikolay Murzin and James Boyd on metamathematics. Also explored foliations of Causal graphs and gauge choices in numerical relativity with Dr. Jonathan Gorard.


Independent Research Project - Department of Philosophy, Ashoka University

As a part of my independent study module, I engaged with problems in advanced symbolic logic for a span of two semesters (including meta logic and modal logic) and worked on motivating a formalism for a phenomenologically distinct present by borrowing ideas from physics, philosophy and logic of time.

Formal Logic

Project Research Assistant - ISRO Space Applications Center and IIT-Indore

Worked on a project to study effects of multipath error on psuedorange calculations and improv the accuracy of Indian navigation system. Mentored by Dr. Hari Hablani (Adjunct Faculty IIT-I, Former Boeing Techincal Fellow and NASA-JPL Researcher). Read more here.

Satellite Navigation

Summer Research Student - Department of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Engineering, IIT-Indore

I modelled atmospheric re-entry corridors of space vehicles as governed by heat rates and structural integrity, simulated unguided ballistic re-entries, optimized landing footprints and studied feedback guidance in different phases of Re-Entry.


Supervised Informal Research Experience

Research Collaborator - Dr. Barbour's Working Group

Developing Shape Dynamics and relational mechanics with a focus on philosophical and computational aspects with Dr. Julian Barbour (former Emeritus Visiting Professor at University of Oxford) as a part of a small working group of individuals from around the world.

Shape Dynamics

Summer Research Student - National Autonomous University of Mexico

Studying numerical methods to efficiently solve the Field Equations in General Relativity under Prof. Miguel Alcubierre, one of the few pioneers of the field. More details about the project would be added in the coming months.

Numerical Relativity

Positions of Responsibility

Student Research Coordinator - Research and Development Office (Ashoka)

Responsible for effective collection and organization of all data on student research from Physics, Philosophy and CS departments. Contributed towards the launch of Ashoka's first Research Magazine which showcased university's annual research output.

Science Publication

President - Ashoka Physics Society

Designed 3-Day long introductory workshop on Astrodynamics and Space Mission Design. Set-up collaborative summer research groups for undergraduates. We conduct regular outreach events and student talks to cultivate interest in Physics.

Science Outreach

Director Training - Muniversiti

Muniversiti is a company focused on creating holistic development and critical thinking modules for high school students by working on a parallel education model. We are currently associated with 140+ schools in central India by being the advisory body to the Sahodaya Cluster of Schools. Know more here

Social Entrepreneurship

Outreach Intern - AshokaX

AshokaX is a the series of online courses offered by professors associated with Ashoka. I worked mainly with the STEM courses offered in AshokaX Horizons, which is a program tailored for high-school students. We ran the pilot program succesfully with over 2000 leads for 6 highly selective courses. Know more here

Science Outreach

Secretary General - Indore World Summit 2018

I led the team that organized Indore World Summit, central India's largest conference on welfare politics and integrated education. IWS 2018 had 1400+ delegate applications and a footfall of 2000+ on the venue.

Education Policy

Recent Honors

Academic Excellence Award - Physics Department, Ashoka

For outstanding performance as an undergraduate Physics Major at Ashoka University


All-Round Philosophical Excellence - Philosophy Department, Ashoka

For outstanding performance as an undergraduate Philosophy Minor at Ashoka University


Best Paper Award - SpacSec Conference

For a paper I co-authored on NavIC Satellite Signals


Staff Pick - Wolfram Community Staff

For a project on using multiway graphs for modelling formal systems


Dean's List (All semesters) - Ashoka University

"Signalling a superior level of academic performance"

2019, 2020 and 2021

Gold Medallist - Aryabhat Astronomy Quiz

Astronomy and Astrophysics

2015, 2016 and 2017

1974 Batch General Proficiency - St. Paul School

"for outstanding Academic Performance and expcetional leadership abilities"


Formal Education

Diploma in Advanced Studies and Research - Ashoka University

Completing advanced physics major (as a fourth year student). Writing my computational astrophysics thesis on understanding polarization aspects of radiation transport from neutron stars.


Physics Major and Philosophy Minor - Ashoka University

Physics Society: Executive Team, Astronomy Club: Core Team, The Comic Relief (Improv Club)

GPA - 3.87/4.00 (Magna Cum Laude)


High School Diploma - St. Paul School

Chief Captain (Student Council), Founding Director of the Literary Club, Advisor to the Quizzing Club


Recent Additional Coursework

Numerical Relativity Community Summer School

ICERM, Brown University


Wolfram Winter School

Wolfram Physics Project


Summer School 2021

Indian Institute of Astrophysics


Introduction to Rocket and Satellite Engineering

Lomosov Moscow State University (MSU)


Machine Learning for Computational Astrophysics

BM Birla Science Centre - IAU


International Criminal Law

Case Western Reserve University - Coursera


MATLAB and Simulink Certification



Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight

MITx - EdX


Introduction to Negotiation: Strategic Playbook to Becoming a Principled Negotiator

Yale University - Coursera


Introduction to Tensorflow for Artificial Intelligence

deeplearning.ai - Coursera


Dinosaur Paleobiology

University of Alberta - Coursera


Philosophy and the Sciences

The University of Edinburgh - Coursera


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