Hi! I'm Kartik Tiwari

I enjoy employing computational tools to solve problems of physics, writing on blackboards to develop philosophical arguments and improvising music on classical guitars. I also try to invest my time regularly in science communication and occasionally in education policy related work.

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My Interests


I'm interested in Numerical Relativity and Space Mission Design. Formerly involved in research on ISRO's NavIC satellite.


Interested in formal logic and its inadequacy, philosophy of science, and neuroscientific frameworks for consciousness.


Worked on International Science Education policy. Science communicator. Former Director of Training at Muniversiti.

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Philosophy of Science

Kuhnian Structure and Inevitability of Complete Knowledge

I argue that Kuhnian structure of scientific progress, in a finite and discrete universe, entails the tendency of science to drift towards a complete knowledge of the universe. Though Kuhn too was a physicist like Popper, he did not believe that science approaches objective truth about the universe and that the value of science lies in the utility it has the potential to provide. I try to demonstrate, under a specific assumption, that science indeed has a tendency to drift towards an ‘ultimate’ truth within the Kuhnian framework.

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Tolman-Ehrenfest Effect in Reissner-Nordstrom Geometries

I argue that though Electric Fields do not cause temperature gradients, their presence is not inconsequential. I do so by studying a body in thermal equilibrium in a Resissner-Nordstrom geometry and why it differs from the temperature gradients in a simple Schwarzchild geometry

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Final Instructions

Our civilization, like an ignorant child in its mid-400s, thought that it had solved every problem that could be conceived. When human presence was marked on every moon, every planet and every star, one could say humanity was truly in its adolescence.

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