Hi! I'm Kartik Tiwari

I enjoy employing computational tools to solve problems of physics, writing on blackboards to develop philosophical arguments and improvising music on classical guitars. I also try to invest my time regularly in science communication and occasionally in education policy related work.

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I assure you the quickest response you might recieve from me would be on an email - not a social media DM.

Email: krtk.twri@gmail.com

My Interests

Though I invest time recklessly in diverse domains, most of my serious projects perhaps fall in the following three domains.


Interested in Numerical Relativity and Space Mission Design. Formerly involved in research on ISRO's NavIC satellite.


Interested in formal logic and its inadequacy, philosophy of science, and neuroscientific frameworks for consciousness.


Interested in understanding, generating and experiencing transcendental beauty. I play indo-jazz guitar and dabble in visual arts.

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