Hi! I'm Kartik Tiwari

I am pursuing a Masters in astrophysics (supported fully by Bonn-Cologne Graduate Scholarship). During my Bachelors degree at Ashoka University, I completed an advanced physics major and a philosophy minor.

I enjoy employing massive computers to solve problems of physics, drawing on huge whiteboards to ideate philosophical arguments, testing the plasticity of my qualia and improvising music on classical guitars.

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Contact Me!

My Instagram stories contain some of my music and art. Twitter is for miscellaneous musings and bad jokes. GitHub hosts my physics-adjacent coding projects.

Quickest way to reach me is through mail.

Email: krtk.twri [at] gmail.com

My Interests

Though I attempt to recklessly explore diverse discipines, my serious projects primarily fall within three domains.


Interested in computational astrophysics (numerical relativity, magnetohydrodynamics, structure formation, etc.), mathematical General Relativity and Integrated Space Mission Design.


Interested in formal logic (paraconsistency, metalogic, etc.) and its inadequacies, philosophy of science, metaphysics, phenomenology and frameworks for understanding consciousness.


Interested in understanding and experiencing the myriad forms of altering the human condition and seeking beauty. I play indo-jazz guitar and dabble in visual and literary arts